Move a Million Miles

Start Date Mar 19, 2018
End Date Mar 26, 2018

MMM App Screen Descriptions

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What is Move a Million MilesTM?

The Institute for Healthy Living developed the Move a Million Miles (MMM) TM phone application in order to reach a goal of moving a million miles collectively as a region. The MMMTM application encourages physical activity in a social context and motivates participation and competition among other teams with the hope of meeting a collaborative million miles run/walked/biked.


Instructions for Installing Move a Million MilesTM*

*Follow on your mobile device.

For iOS:

  1. Search in App Store for “move a million miles” or go to: for a direct link.
  2. Assign a team captain. TEAM CAPTAIN: contact us at to receive a QR code and provide us your team name.

For Android:

  1. Search in Play Store for “move a million miles” or go to: pilrema.comfor a direct link.
  2. Assign a team captain. TEAM CAPTAIN: contact us at to receive a QR code.

For all devices:

  1. Choose download and install on your device. Click Install (applies to direct link).
  2. Open the App.
  3. Captains distribute QR code to your team members.
  4. Once scanned, you will be able to access the MMM AppTM.
  5. Please “allow” MMMTM to send you notifications. This will enable the daily survey reminder notification to be sent to you.

Create your own Avatar Name (user name):

  1. Go to settings menu and click on Annual Survey.
  2. Enter the code 1234 into the box and click submit.
  3. Return to the homepage and under the survey queue, you’ll see a one-time survey called “Initial Survey.”
  4. Take the survey and choose an “Avatar”. This is your displayed user name.
  5. Once you complete the survey queue you will now provide a self-report.

Tracking your daily miles:

  1. MMMTM survey is used to track distances of individuals and competing teams.
  2. You will use an external app to track actual mileage, such as MOVES, PACER, or the preinstalled activity tracker on your phone (iOS: Health App, Android: Google Fit App)
  3. Once you’ve completed the download, you can log your miles from the previous day.

The survey is a self-report. Information from the previous day can be filled out at any time the next day. Once the segment is filled, hit the Submit button at the bottom of the survey. Be sure to record your miles from the previous day ONLY as you will not have the ability to record miles for any days missed.

The app will send you a reminder in case you forget to log miles.

A feedback survey will be sent after you submit your mileage. This survey enables you to report any issues you encountered while using the MMMTM app.