Alisha Redelfs, DrPH MPH CHES

Deputy Director for Research & Evaluation

Dr. Redelfs has a B.S. degree in biology and chemistry from Rocky Mountain College, a Masters of Public Health from Brigham Young University, and a Doctor of Public Health in Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston- School of Public Health. Dr. Redelfs’ research focuses on the psychosocial factors influencing behavior, as well as addressing Hispanic health disparities and translational research.

As Deputy Director for Research & Evaluation, Dr. Redelfs oversees the evaluation of programs funded by the Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) Initiative of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation, along with other research conducted by the Institute. The research utilizes evidence based common measures (reflectance spectroscopy, bio-electrical impedance, fitness testing, accelerometry, etc.) as well as advanced tools (digital surveys, ecological momentary assessment apps, PiLR Health) to align data across organizations.

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