Move a Million Miles

Start Date Mar 19, 2018
End Date Mar 26, 2018

MMM App Screen Descriptions

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What is Move a Million MilesTM?

Move a Million Miles (MMM) TM is a physical activity challenge sponsored by the Paso del Norte Institute for Healthy Living at UTEP with funding from the Paso del Norte Health Foundation HEAL Initiative. The purpose of the MMM challenge is to encourage physical activity and raise awareness that the Paso del Norte region is a healthy, vibrant place to live that supports active lifestyles and a high quality of life. As a region, we will strive to collectively move a million miles during the 6-week challenge. MMM is for people of all abilities. Any kind of movement counts. Participate as an individual or as a team. Track your progress with a free custom mobile app that includes leaderboards for the top individuals and teams.

Instructions for Installing Move a Million MilesTM

  1. Email to receive a QR code. If you are competing as an individual only (not as part of a team), you will be the only person using this QR Code. To form a team, assign a team captain and email your team name. We will send the team captain a QR code to distribute to the team members.
  2. On your smartphone or tablet, search in App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (Android) for “Move a million miles” or go to for a direct link.
  3. Choose download and install on your device. Click Install (applies to direct link).
  4. Open the App.

Select “Log in using QR code” and allow access to your camera. Then, scan the QR code sent by email.

  1. Click “Allow” to receive notifications from the app and allow other permission requests (this will look different on different types of devices)

Create your Username:

  1. Go to settings menu and click on “Take Annual Survey”.
  2. Enter the code 1234 into the box and click submit.
  3. Return to the homepage and under the survey queue, click on a one-time survey called “Initial Survey” and fill in your username (this will be publicly available on leaderboards).

Once you complete the survey you will be able to provide a self-report of your miles moved. This option will not be available until the challenge officially opens on April 16.

Tracking your daily miles:

  1. MMMTM app is used to track distances of individuals and competing teams.
  2. You may use any device (e.g. a pedometer or other physical activity tracker) or mobile app to track miles moved, such as MOVES, PACER, or the preinstalled activity tracker on your phone (iOS: Health App, Android: Google Fit App)
  3. You will receive a prompt from the MMMTM app each morning at 8:00 AM reminding you to log your miles from the previous day. You will enter miles walked, miles run, and miles cycled (if you do an activity other than these, choose the option that is closest in intensity). Once you fill in the miles moved, hit the Submit button at the bottom of the survey. Be sure to record your miles from the previous day every day because you will not have the ability to record miles for any days missed.
  4. Any kind of movement counts for this challenge (walking, running, dancing, cycling, swimming, etc.). If your device or app only records steps (not miles), use a conversion of 2000 steps per mile.
  5. A feedback survey will be sent after you submit your mileage. This survey enables you to report any issues you encountered while using the MMMTM app.